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Sunday, May 19, 2013

House of War is back

Two months ago, I put out a Second Edition of House of War. Over a few weeks of no sale, I'd found some more errors and also new content. (I was also hoping to get more customer feedback on the first edition; this much, I didn't get, but such is life.) So I quietly undid that "version 2.0" edition.

As of this morning, "version 2.1" is now available via Amazon and CreateSpace.

The biggest selling point: charts! Yes, we now have charts. There's isnad bundles for "Abd Allah and the Mahdi", and a chain-of-authorship for the suras involved.

For the narrative, I did more with the protagonists. I expanded the deeds of Amr al-Ashdaq, Muhammad Ibn al-Ashath, Ibrahim bin al-Ashtar, Khalid and, above all, Khalid's mother. See, for all that Umm Khalid did, including that she murdered a caliph - I neglected to mention her given name: Fakhita. Those who noticed would say that this was sexist and insensitive of me. And they'd be right; I can't defend it. But I can correct it, and so that's what I've done.

As for the individual arguments, I did more with the propaganda concepts of "ilhâd" on one hand, and "hudâ", "imâm" and "caliph" on the other. With these in play, I reconsidered the letter of Abd al-Malik to Ibn al-Ashtar - I deemed it authentic enough to quote in full.

The main text, including endnotes and illo's, is at 127 pages now. The rest of the material runs up the tally to the 230s.

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