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Monday, December 03, 2012

Wrestling with Christ

I just saw the Scauses For Applause episode of South Park.

(My DVD player is broken, and I don't use the telly except for watching DVDs; I gotta watch something. Anyway. If you're reading this post, please watch the episode before reading the rest of this. Seriously. Watch it.)

I assume you're done.

There are not-many South Park eps that hit upon a single theme. Scauses is one of the more focused ones. Scauses uses the scandals about Lance Armstrong's doping to reflect upon heroes; or, more exactly, upon the human impulse to attribute to heroes, supernatural attributes. In Christianity and Mormonism, and some would argue in Islam as well, the archetype of supernatural heroism is Jesus the Christ.

In this episode Scauses, people all over the world have been wearing yellow bracelets that say "WWJD" [what would Jesus do]. Jesus is then accused of taking steroids. All the people in America remove their bracelets, excepting the loyal Stan Marsh. Then many people wear brown bracelets "in solidarity" with Marsh - and other bracelets in solidarity with any manner of other fad. It turns out that some factory (here inspired by Dr Seuss's art) has been churning out those bracelets, and earning a fat profit on the side. At the end of the episode - you've already seen this, right? - Jesus makes an appearance, doses himself with steroids, and then wreaks God's vengeance against all those who make those stupid bracelets.

Jesus, here, may or may not have-been / still-be all that Christians, Mormons, and Muslims say that he was/is. But the Christ still speaks and acts with God's Will. He remains the only one with Authority to confront the modern-day Temple or, dare I say, Cathedral.

South Park is an alliance between a Mormon and a Jew. Only Israel, of all nations who claim the Torah, ever dared to wrestle with G-d. Perhaps it takes a Mormon to wrestle with Christ.

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