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Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Nice People and their comment threads

Yahtzee at Zero-Punctuation reviews an American-centric game. He doesn't like it. He gives reasons why he doesn't like it, and they are mainly political reasons. Most of his fans share those reasons.

I am not the one to give you a pro-American rah-rah perspective. But I can point out a few common factors in the comment threads, which offer a window into how the Yahtzee-aligned Nice People think. I mean, they know they're nicer than the rest of us; just ask them.

For the Nice People, to reject Christianity is just rejecting Christianity. For them to really really dislike Christians - to call them paedophiles and hypocrites - that's just venting. But if a game treats terrorists who happen to be Muslim as the bad guys, ohnoes, that's Islam-O-Phobia.

Likewise, if a game assumes that the player prefers his own people over foreign people; that's Xen-O-Phobia.

To remember 9/11 and to see how the Egyptian shari`a crowd act when given the chance? Oh, that's Par-A-Noya.

But the Nice People have a reason for applying that standard upon white, conservative, Christian men! That reason is Privilege. White Christian men apparently have Privilege, and if they are conservative then they deserve the abuse, just to, you know, even out the field some.

"Privilege" actually has a meaning - I've noted it before here - it means "private law". (I could get into who actually has privilege in this country, but I've noted that before here as well. Hint: not the sad-sack Cons gamely trying to defend themselves at Z-P.) Likewise the term "phobia" has a meaning - a medical meaning.

So, the Nice People think that conservatives are insane, as well as smug; and the Nice People don't see how their despising of conservatives is anything but healthy and righteous. They also don't see how their constant belittling and even dehumanisation of conservatives might make conservatives feel a little edgy. Well, okay, maybe the Nice People do, but they don't care, because they're Nice People, and conservatives aren't. Just ask them.

UPDATE 12/3: Half Sigma offers a reason why smart liberals align themselves with the Nice People.

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