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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The House GOP prepares its funeral pyre

Boehner has purged the conservatives from his ranks. There goes the Tea Party, the "Republican base".

I had said earlier that the GOP had no hope for winning another national election. The next non-Democrat party would have to be neo-Whigs or else a regional party. Also, Romney seems to have given up; so the current leader of the GOP is, by default, the Speaker of the House who is Boehner.

The leader of the GOP has just ensured that the GOP can't become a regional party. I doubt, though, that he is positioning the GOP for the transnational antiObama ticket. An antiObama ticket must be an antiBlack ticket. I can't see the Party of (Mia) Love going for that.

Boehner wants to remain the acceptable face of the white American Christian male. He wants to remain those voters' safety-valve.

Those voters too stupid to see what is going on can keep him.

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