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Friday, December 07, 2012

South Korean star doesn't like Yankees

Double meh. I remember those protests at the time. I said "meh", then, too.

Will Psy have the stones to sing this song in front of teh 'bamas, though?

UPDATE! I'm noting lots upon lots of OUTRAEG out on the "America, F Yeah" side. Here's the Jawa. Here's some no-name whom Jawa linked. Here's Malkin, aiming for another Sullivan award (take that as you will).

UPDATE 12/8: Psy apologises for "how he was interpreted", but they all do that. What's more to the point is that Psy goes on to say nice things about the American military, and points out that he has himself performed for them.

That Psy has been pro-American for years - and not just "now he's been caught" - didn't go noticed by the Outrageously Outraged last night. Maybe it'll get noticed now.

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