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Friday, December 07, 2012

More on the Night Of The Something Or Other

1389AD haz lynx. Here's another one (h/t, Truman North).

There do exist idealists in Right-leaning districts. Some of these weirdos then run for office and some of these even, somehow, wind up in Washington. These people actually think that they're supposed to stand for Conservative Principle or something.

In reality, all elected personnel are in Washington to serve their constituents. For Democrats and Republicans both, "all politics is local". This is how men like Chambliss get elected. We can also talk about those "Country-Strong" folk in Nashville voting for Marsha Blackburn. [PS. I also suspect, for Beth Harwell. Google doesn't pull up much on Harwell's stance, one way or the other.]

The latter is the sort of Republican that Boehner and Ryan want. Don't make waves, bring home your part of Obama's stash and never ever question how Obama gets all that "bacon" in the first place.

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