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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

If I were running the GOP

Okay, okay. There are some who have said, and many more who think, that I have been overly negative as to Conservatism and to the Republicans. To that I say, "guilty as charged!"

But there are others who consider me a "concern troll", one who does not even care for the Right and the Good. To them, I will offer my thoughts as to what the Republicans should do.

I would, personally, keep this party alive. For those currently in this party, I would keep them in place. If the holdover advisors offer me advice, I would consider that advice on its merits. And to the RNC platform, I would make only one change:

I promise never to run for elected Federal office under this Constitution.

Sign this, and stay in the GOP. Don't sign, and that is fine with me; there are plenty of other outfits that will have you. I hear that National Review is bumpin'. Or maybe "No Labels" might suit you better.

It is my considered conclusion, which was basically Asimov's premise, that the Empire is on course to fall and that other associations must form to salvage civilisation from the wreckage. The GOP has the allegiance of the people best suited for this.

The GOP is lacking only the leadership; and the reason it lacks the leadership is because they have not figured out what "leadership" means these days.

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