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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bioshock: a weapon against the Right

I got the game "Bioshock" some years back, but I didn't play far into it. I recall that on The Other Green Themed Blog that I was for a critique of libertarianism, on its own merits, leaving aside whatever else one might propose to replace it. [For my part I was on the moderate Right, then.]

For other critiques of libertarianism from the Right, here is Deogolwulf, the Tolkienist:

Out of Self-Control and into Outer Control. — Self-control is the control and rightful-ordering of desires and passions by the rational self. Liberation, as promoted by liberals, socialists, and other libertarians, is the setting-free of desires and passions from the command of the rational self, the thraldom of the latter to the former, and the manipulation and control of the desires and passions by outer forces over the vanquished self. This is the “free man” which the libertarians promote: the man without self-control, not a master of his passions, but their thrall in “free expression” — and a thrall also to those who know how to manipulate and control the passions of others.

If the Bioshock series' author, Ken Levine, had left it at that, maybe I'd have played more of it.

The reason I am not about to play any Bioshock, ever, isn't because Bioshock is an anti-libertarian game. The reason I am avoiding Bioshock is because the Bioshock series' author is anti-Right. Levine hit libertarianism then; he hits an allegory of early 1900s America here. He can say he just wants to tell a story all he likes. In his games Levine is methodically going through every non-Left philosophy in this nation's history.

When Levine is done, what remains? Why, fascism remains. Fascism run by the right people, liberal people. Nice people, like Levine.

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