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Friday, November 09, 2012

Women secede

20 point sex gap. Men are obsolete.

A woman requires a provider: either the tribe will provide, or the big man who does not need a tribe will do it.

For the helpless, going for the best available man is a crap-shoot. A woman could find an awesome dude; a millionaire who made his fortune in Green Energy, just like in all those romantic comedies. She could also end up with a tattooed ex-con wife beater. Most likely she'll find out the guy she's dating is a real loser - some schlub working 7 to 6 in a cubicle under a female boss. Better off with the tattooed guy!

I don't assume that women are stupid. On the contrary! Women know exactly what they want. And what they want - what they need - is a caretaker. And, in case they get into the sack with that hunk and they find out later that he's a jerk or, horror of horrors, a nerd, they need that fallback. They need the State.

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