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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


We read on Twitter about all those anti-Romney riots that'd happen if Obama lost. It happened that Obama won. So instead, there's been an anti-Obama protest, in Mississippi. Well... one protest. A sign was burnt, and some unkind words uttered (we don't have audio about which words). But, here's the interesting part - the protest was by the college students!

This link is currently the top link at Drudge. It points to that Clerisy rag, Washington Post. The aforementioned rag is, of course, claiming racial slurs. That insinuation - true or not - invalidates the whole movement (we're to think). And, the WaPo is quick to append, the authorities have sponsored a counter-protest, which everyone assures us is larger.

All the allegations may well be true. Still. No-one else, to date, is even speaking a word against this Movimiento al Socialismo. Certainly not Romney or Boehner.

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