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Monday, November 19, 2012

Why does it matter?

Here's a squirrel from Joe In DC:

If you going to go Christian, you can accept science and math, because who's against that? Other things are acts of faith. How old's the earth or universe? What, is god keeping score of your answer? Is it a sin to say it's 50billion or 40 million years old? no. so who cares, it is what it is. God still created it, he put us here, we follow his rules.

True, it is not a sin for Joe to be wrong. But if you are running for office, you are running for responsibility. It is your duty to be as right as possible. And if you're "not a scientist", you show the basic judgement to decide between one group of scientists over the next group of quacks from the Discovery Institute.

Rubio's answer has displayed several character faults. Immediately coming to my mind are cowardice, sloth, and arrogance that he thinks he's a major-league candidate.

Rubio must repent of his sins.

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