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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Whom to blame

I'll get this over with.

If Obama loses, the Democrats should blame Obama. His campaign was as rotten as he is. And if they lose seats in the House and lose the Senate majority, they should blame the DNC as well for tying their label to Obama - actually, for abandoning their label entirely and making their convention into an O-Fest.

If Romney loses, the Republicans have a slight case against their lame Senate candidate Akin and, on Akin's coat-tail, Mourdock. But the main candidates' campaign has been pitch perfect. Even if the Republicans do lose electoral votes based on Akin and Mourdock - based on single females - the blame won't rest on Akin and Mourdock. The blame will rest on "demographics", meaning that the electorate is broken, meaning that democracy itself is no longer tenable here.

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