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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Vengeance is thine, saith the Obama

Obama says to vote for revenge. Romney retorted, in blood-and-soil fashion, to vote for love of country. I'm fine with that from Romney; would that Obama was even able to make that appeal.

Something bothered me about Obama's call for AVENGE MEEE. Gem nails it:fucking scary. It doesn't even make any sense, unless you take it as the cult leader knowing his end is near and giving his minions tacit permission to commit evil.

We already know about how the gangstas are threatening to launch Obama riots. Now the Left's surrogate Bill Maher helpfully notes that black people know who you are. So they'll be targeted riots. Nice to know there'll be some level of organisation down there.

Well, I'm safe; partly because I am Not Voting For Federal Candidates, but mainly because I "went Derb" over two years ago. The worst the locals will do to me here is to blow smug in my face.

But back to Obama and "revenge". Obama's supporters have nothing to avenge. They have received everything they could have possibly wished for. His command to the faithful doesn't even make sense.

Unless you take it - to fill out Gem's intuition - that Obama is making an appeal to paranoia. Even to envision ejecting Obama from his office is, to Obama, a violation. As such it is a cause for vengeance. To avenge that affront, you are to vote. But if that doesn't work . . .

Well, the "community leaders appeal for calm" comes to mind, which will happen some weeks into the aftermath to which Bill Maher has alluded. I'll be charitable and presume that Maher is not attempting to suggest anything.

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