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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The turkey pardon

I detest this annual ritual, that's been going on since at least the Clinton era, of the President "pardoning" a fucking turkey.

Meleagris gallopavo is an animal. Most families around America ate turkeys last Thursday. None of them "pardoned" their meal. In fact the very concept is disgusting. No less a Conservative than Rush Limbaugh has noted that animals are not like humans and are not under human law.

So now we come to Clinton, Bush Junior, and Obama: all meat-eaters, as are their families. The whole "pardon" farce is a demonstration of arbitrary Executive force; force demonstrated by a public show of not exercising that force.

And, since giving it a "pardon" is an instrument of force, the Executive can then turn around and have the bird executed in private. Like this administration can drone-strike Americans abroad in private. We ain't nothin' but mammals, just another branch from the same reptilian trunk as the turkey.

But, like so much else, the last election didn't even matter here. Limbaugh was strangely silent over Bush's turkey-pardons, which continued to blur this line. I expect that Romney, as a go-along-to-get-along sorta guy, would have pardoned his turkey in 2013, too; and that Limbaugh, as a GOP Ueber Alles kinda guy, would not have noticed.

This nation needs a leader (not a President; the Constitution deserves to die) who can stand up before the people, explain that the turkey is not under the rule of men, and then decapitate the bird on live TV.

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