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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The post-Republican future

The Republicans are the white male party. Everyone hates white males, including many white males. [Up to 39%, Drudge now tells me.] The Republicans are dead.

Our political system is geared to a two-party system. Perhaps we will become a one-party state.

But this assumes that the Democrats remain united. Obama beat the Democrats in 2008 and had completely taken over the Democratic Convention in 2012. If Obama turns out to have lost the popular vote, and if his next term is the disaster it is likely to be - expect a crackup in the party.

Instead of the defunct Republicans, the Democrats can rise up against Obama. Anti-Obama Democrats, should they fail to challenge the Obama Third Term (and Obama will seek a third term - through a sock puppet, if he doesn't blow out the 2014 midterm) may well re-form the Whigs.

Which is not to say that any of the last century's progressive nonsense will be repealed, or that the neo-Whigs will be any more coherent than the last attempt; but at least the Whig Party offers the hope of staving off an actual tyranny.

UPDATE 11/7: Drudge's 39% stat, admittedly for all whites and not just "the pale penis people".

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