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Saturday, November 03, 2012

The NAACP runs polling stations

We saw it in Philly, with the Black Panthers, in 2008. In Houston, the NAACP itself is "getting out the vote". They're pushing likely Dem voters to the front and stiffing the others in line - I'm guessing that these others would be white retirees, old ladies; these might vote against Black Jesus.

This stuff has to get out there. It has to be linked on a blog so it can be remembered. It needs to be linked on all blogs.

Anyway not even the NAACP can think that Obama has a chance in Texas this year. (2020, on the other hand - Texas is gone.) It's not about the Presidency this year. It's about the downstream races; judges, mostly (Houston elects judges). But it's also about flexing muscle. If old ladies hear that big black thugs are running the polling booths in one state, they won't show up to vote in other states. I suspect that this is how Obama got hold of North Carolina last time.

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