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Monday, November 05, 2012

The best reason to vote for Romney

Some serious Rightists have been appealing for a Romney vote (not just 'Pubbie hacks). Here is Bill Whittle last 1 November. I have already mentioned Auster; we can also note Pat Buchanan. But more importantly, the election has brought out of retirement Monty, Doctor DOOM himself. Still; their arguments don't do it for me.

For the ones I listed, it is like we are all speaking different languages. Whittle - for instance - talks of votes and laws. I think of power and regulations. Whittle concedes that our process is already corrupt and will grow uncontrollably corrupt. I wonder that it is already uncontrollably corrupt. If so then voting makes us complicit in its corruption. And nobody talks about the African elephants and European hypergamists in the room: demographics - that some people are by their essence unfit for the franchise, and that these people cluster in easily-identifiable subgroups. Politics hasn't made our electorate like that. Darwin did that.

To that, SBPDL is on that pro-Romney list, on the grounds that a vote for Romney will be a show of positive force against the current system. I hadn't quite figured out what he meant at the time, but he clarifies here.

I will, still, hold to my earlier stance - of holding my fire. Romney, I predict, will win. Other blogs are more convincing than mine is; other people more likeable than I. But I will hold my fire. I will not vote for anybody. I will hold out for 2016 and bring my vote back when the winner of the 2016 primary really needs it.

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