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Monday, November 19, 2012

Rubio fallout

Ace points out that the media is forcing Tea-Party types in the South - like Rubio - to answer the question as a matter of policy. Ace notes that the Democrats also have a lot of fundamentalists (blacks, he doesn't say, because it goes without saying). Ace thinks it is unfair that the media is not going after Democrats for this.

Well, religious obscurantism, and cowardice before same, is a bigger problem amongst Republicans. So it's news.

There are ways to square Genesis with "science"; or if we're being 'spergerish, with "that model which least offends scientific principles". Rubio knows of at least one such compromise, the Dispensationalist "era" reading of "yôm" - which isn't my choice of compromises (I hold to "Genesis One"), but it at least puts a good-neighbourly fence between the Bible and extrapolations from science. Rubio would not take sides even here, between a compromise and absolute literalism.

Rubio is also representing Florida which has a lot of Yankees and New York Jews in its south. These people don't want anything to do with the Christian Right stuff he's pandering to here.

So Rubio has lost a big chunk of his electorate; he has written it off. I expect that he won't be representing Florida for a second term.

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