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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Romney and Benghazi

It is becoming conventional-wisdom that Romney ignored Benghazi.

If you see this in print, the person saying this is a liar.

The second debate, toward the end, was famously about Benghazi. Romney tried to hit Obama on Benghazi. Candy Crowley the moderator stepped in and lied on Obama's behalf. Everyone saw this happen.

What turned me off Romney wasn't Benghazi. If anything, the Left "mainstream" pravda-media's decision to side with Obama made me more partial to Romney. What turned me off Romney was Syria.

(Fast and Furious, I agree, Romney should have been stronger on. His comments on this were weaselly, "just asking questions" types of comment. Romney looked like he was just ticking the box of what his base wanted to hear. Romney looked like Palin saying "there you go again" in 2008.)

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