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Saturday, November 03, 2012

RIP, the British Conservative Party

The horror is sinking in.

To sum up - an advisor to Maggie Thatcher is implicated in a pedo scandal at no less than forty childrens' homes in North Wales (here). Not only that, but Derek Laud - a big deal in Tory outreach to blacks and gays - is now accused of being a pedo himself. (h/t, gojam at a now-deleted post but, for THAT link, unlimitednow in a comment to that post.)

Then, of course, there's Jimmy Savile at the BBC. The BBC is a Left org, but - where it hits the Tories - it is one Left org that Cameron and Major and Thatcher and especially Heath - all down through the ages - did nothing to rein in.

The Right has provided alternatives to the Tories. One is the BNP but, no. Another is the British Freedom Party. About that . . . The UK still has Tommy Robinson locked up and is persecuting the BFP and the English Defence League. Some Europeans have been holding vigils but, since one of them is being held in Germany and knowing the Left, that'll end up being held against them.

The entire government of the United Kingdom is rotten and sick.

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