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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Pedo Bear's British cousin, Pudsey Bear

The things I miss over here. The proprietor of Needle Blog "gojam" has gently suggested that I read the rest of his blog. ... wow.

The blogger told me that there are elections "this November" in the UK as well. Honestly, I had no idea. Google turned up some elections for, I guess you could call them sheriffs. Those elections look pointless. But.

Britain is a Parliamentary system with three parties. Elections can be called as soon as a majority decides it no longer has confidence in the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, is (nominally) a Conservative. The Tories are in trouble again. Over in North Wales some foster homes are being accused of child molestation. Sir Peter Morrison, once an MP and also once an aide to Maggie T herself, is implicated in it. Not only that, but the Needle Blog has now accused Derek Laud - a Conservative political figure, who happens to be black and happens to be homosexual - of paedophilia. [update: on 4 November, gojam at least has retracted this particular post; although, not the accusation, and neither has anyone else ...]

That's serious. Cameron is leading a minority Government. The junior partner in that government, the Liberals, might calculate that they can (finally) take back their place as the Left party, from Labour.

(As for the BBC's own scandals: here's the mascot of Children In Need, Pudsey. Seems Legit. Needle says to the Brits that if you are paying a penny for the BBC licence fee, you are paying too much.)

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