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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Okay, so, maybe Romney didn't win

As goes Ohio, so has gone the United States. I was expecting Romney / Ryan to do better around the Great Lakes. I was also expecting clear and early wins in Virginia and Florida. I did successfully call North Carolina (years ago); so, there is that.

Colorado still hasn't been called; so my vote didn't matter, but not for the reason stated.

For consolation: Romney wouldn't have done much as President. Obama campaigned on an anti-war campaign; he got us into more wars. Likewise, Romney campaigned against ObamaCare - but I doubt he'd have done much on that. Romney had already caved on Arizona and Syria. We can extrapolate thence.

I still think that more Rightists should have boycotted the election. In fact they all should have. That would have set the forces of democracy against the forces of productivity. But, that didn't happen, because too many Rightists are not, truly, Rightists; they are merely centre Leftists.

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