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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Obama dislikes us

Auster recalls that he had two opinions of Candidate Obama. One was that Obama was a mix of Hyde-Park Leftist and "community" agitator. The other was that Obama was a guy who just wanted to be loved. Auster has concluded, I think some while back, that Obama doesn't want to be loved; there are people he just doesn't like, and those people are white conservatives.

I wasn't reading Auster then. I didn't ever suspect that Obama would cater to my interests - but at the same time, if someone had suggested that he might one day wish to, I'd not have ruled it out. And this was suggested: by Obama himself on his inauguration.

I didn't watch that show at the time, though. First, there was the strangest phenomenon, of a crew of black and hispanic workers at my building crowding around to watch the historic moment. I got creeped out, as a YT. Second, check out the nose-in-the-air pose on Obama's first day, watching the blessing. Which was really a backhanded curse, against the white man.

It is not yet the Mussolini chin-thrust we've come to know and appreciate - the head is tilted - but it is getting there. This is the pose of a man starting to feel his way; starting to understand that, now, he has power over those he does not like. And with that, he revealed that there are those he does not like.

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