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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Local endorsements, 2012: ballot initiatives statewide

I found the list of statewide initiatives. Here is how I will vote:

Yes on prop. 64. I don't like the proponents' slogan, "regulation works"; they have clearly tailored that to the scum of the Front Range, who make their living from "green" bribes and State power. Still, legalising / decriminalising marijuana is the right thing to do. The main reason I like it, is because it also drives a wedge between Colorado and DC. That is exactly what I want from my Federal (non-)vote.

No on prop. 65. Campaign finance limits means limits for citizens; no limits for people in government, unions, and NGOs who all get the media to shill for them. Sponsors bear the names "Katz", "Schatz" and "Nunez". So that's two Ashkenazi Jews and a Hispanic. Freakin' Stormfront fanfics couldn't have made this up; they'd at least have thrown in a New England brahmin last name. Although - to be fair - I will make a wild guess that these meddlers aren't much into the synagogue thing. [and blah, blah, I am mixed myself blah; fynq.] Anyway this measure stinks of Leftist elitism.

No on Amendment S. The eponymously titled Noon Amendments site explains why. But also one of those for it, bears the name "Chantell Taylor" - and John Hickenlooper likes it too. Here we have a managerial-class amendment; a patronage-class amendment.

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