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Friday, November 02, 2012

If you vote, you can't complain

Here is another Do Not Vote essay, at The Needle Blog. h/t ZeroHedge.

The blogmaster at Needle, "gojam", is a Brit talking to us Yanks; so he doesn't have the necessary perspective on how the American system works. My position, since I live here, is that democracy should still be given its chance at the State level. It is only sham at the Federal level. Another point I could raise is that I have marked myself as a reliable Republican voter in previous elections and, only with this vote, as an Undecided in 2012. This means that if Romney wins and if I see serious structural improvement in our financial and demographic situation in 2016, Romney's crew can now count on my vote as a +1 in Colorado over the 2012 tally, and not just assume that vote as carried over. It is similar with the 2008 non-voters who are coming around now; nobody, except cynics like gojam and the 0h boys and I, is telling them to stay home. But anyway.

So. Personal stuff! Over the past decade I have burrowed into the Right blogosphere, starting from the (John) McCain / Sullivan / Asparagirl "neo-con" side of it. I still have fr- okay, I can't always call them "friends", but at least points of contact with several blogs out on the libertarianish pro-Zion Right.

The question is: what should I do. The Conservative stalwarts are all going into raptures about Romney and Ryan. I mean, just read these comments. They are embarrassing; amusing and going for shock value, and I'll laugh along with them, but the undercurrent is just silly. It was similar over Scott Brown a year-plus ago.

I can't go in to sites like that and evangelise mine own decision, that they should leave the Federal options blank. Those sites are now Get Out The Vote sites. If I hammered this don't-vote point over there, I would be trolling.

At the same time I don't think that I should just lie about what I'm doing and about why I am doing it.

The best plan is probably to keep a low profile on those sites until Wednesday.

UPDATE 11/3: Jim's blog endorses a write-in for Cthulhu.

UPDATE 11/4: A Constitution Party voter weighs in. He is doing it wrong. A protest vote is still an affirmation of the Federal system.

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