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Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am sorry that you feel that way

Every now and again, a true-blue Republican believer (or true red, depending) will comment that those, like me, who refused to vote are - well, insert your insult here: stupid, or treasonous, or whatever. Either way, we are singled out for blame.

My non-vote was "informed" by a widely-held assumption that Colorado had gone back to being a "Red State". I wonder if my non-vote was influenced by this notion as well. It is possible that if I had thought that Colorado might swing Obama, that I would have chickened out like Derb.

But not probable. What I did know was that Romney was the banksters' candidate, and more a booster of intervention in Syria than even Obama. I deduced from all this that Romney was going to run another Bush administration - and, by extension, that the whole DC apparatus was rotten. So the detractors don't get to call me "stupid". I knew what I was doing.

Further, I am pulling out my italics tags for this one: it is cowardly to single me out for not voting, when there are whole fucking RACES that actively voted for this. What is this shit - 75% of Asians and Hispanics? 93% of the black population? Seems to me that if there's someone to blame, he's in that lot. We who abstained bear precisely no responsibility for anything that this democratically-validated regime enacts. We are the punching bag for those impotent wankers who know they'd get in trouble if they told the truth.

A more valid argument might be that we're the people who stood by and watched whilst our friends got hurt. Excepting that that's not quite true either. If our friends are junkies and they have continued to make the same mistakes over and over, sooner or later we would be "enablers" if we continued to support them in this. Before then we've got to come to them like men and tell them.

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