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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Glenn Reynolds, not too ethical

Here's Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit: Wow, now you need armed guards escorting your camera crews? How third-world. But then, that’s how things usually go in progressive havens.

Boulder in Colorado is also a progressive haven. It is much more progressive than was, say, Houston when I was there. (It may even be more progressive than Oakland.) Yet I bet a professional camera crew could get into almost any part of Boulder at almost any time. I would not make that bet for Houston.

Something Else Is At Work. Professor Reynolds, I think, knows it. Why won't he say it?

Anyway, this sort of SQUIRREL! PROGRESSIVES! won't fly with me. I've had enough. I've lost my patience; for lying to myself, and for lying to the blogosphere at large. We all had to tell a few fibs under the Bush years; the fibs relevant here, because we were all hoping for that great Republican realignment that Rove was promising us and we were all hoping for that Ownership Society. But it is not 2003 anymore.

It could be that Reynolds is just trying to get the progressives to slip up and say the reason they think that a city with Oakland's profile is not as safe as one with Boulder's. So hooray - Reynolds isn't an obtuse little twat in that case (and that's being nice); he's just a troll.

Nothin' wrong with a little trollin'. But again - it is not 2003 anymore. A new day must dawn.

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