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Saturday, November 03, 2012

From the loins

David Axelrod, lord of trolls, says that Obama's message is now being sent "from his [Obama's mighty musky] loins". Axelrod didn't bother explaining why he used this... interesting turn of phrase; so Auster took a shot at it. Gave it the whole load, so to speak.

Auster correctly notes that "loins" has two meanings in King James English. (We're not considering the Hebrew here, although with KJV it's usually a one-to-one translation.) For the most part, it has to do with genitalia. But it can also mean the general lap area; Auster cites 2 Kings 9:1, that it's what the soldiers gird up for battle. There is an analogy here with the colloquial "head"; it's the cranial area, first, but it can also mean "brain".

So, back to the Bible. In the context of 2 Kings, the soldiers could just as well gird up "the belly", an even more underdefended part of the anatomy in that general region. So we gotta ask: why did 2 Kings talk about the lap instead?

The answer should be obvious to Biblical readers. Biblical language is often crude, especially when we get into Samuel-Kings. This "Deuteronomic History" is where armed males are cited as they who "pisseth against the wall". "Loins" is soldier-talk, the cant of the Xatrya; it is sex and violence. The other major part of the lower abdomen is the aforementioned belly; but that part symbolises only hunger. Among the few sins Obama doesn't indulge is gluttony.

And even today, when one "uses his brain", it means the same as "using his head". Axelrod is indeed saying that Obama is speaking from his balls. Obama is potent - even more potent than before!

To sum up: Axelgaffe. The Troll King's own loins are shrivelling. He exudes this atavism to convince others otherwise.

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