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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Don't watch "Red Dawn"

I'd been on the fence about whether to watch the new Red Dawn.

Sure, it's silly; John Milius's original was silly, and the notion that North Koreans would be the antagonists was just dumb.

On the other hand - the critics hated it. One such critic was one Daniel Kimmel from some New England rag or other. Kimmel thought This is one of those movies that has no reason to exist. It is a remake that no one was asking for. He was confused why the producer didn't think of switching the villains to Iranians or Saudis.

It is clear that Kimmel and those with him reject the "reactionary" view, that America is already Communist and exploitative of the historical majority here. It's their country now, as Auster puts it. It is the United States of Massachusetts now (where Kimmel happens to live). So this movie arguably could react against "Kimmel-rica", and as such has no need for a real foreign threat.

With that in mind, Milius has advised on that "Homefront" game, and that game also cast Norks as the red menace. So maybe we can watch the new "Red Dawn" movie and pretend that the "Norks" stand in for this nation's actual existential enemies.

But apparently not. It turns out that John Milius has denounced the remake. And not because he's repudiated the original, either.

So: I'll give it a miss.

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