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Monday, November 19, 2012


Is LGF still planting racist comments at centre-Right blogs? So asks the Moron Horde, and Briareus at DoD. LGF certainly used to do that, with Killgore. And now there are suspiciously similar trolls like Lightworker creeping about Ace of Spades HQ.

I figured "Lightworker" for more a Whiskey type. Both of them would compose long essays, which were/are well-reasoned if a little emotional, arguing a reactionary standpoint. With Whiskey, it's white women who get furthest under his thin skin. Lightworker purports to be more generally pro-White and wishes to limit non-White political involvement.

But Lightworker might not be legit, says the 'rons and DoD. He might be a troll who knows how "American Renaissance" types think, and is trying to flush the "like" minded out of other blogs like Ace's HQ and/or to crystallise those who could go one way or the other. Remember that LGF is not about convincing others anymore; LGF is about discrediting and destroying others.

And the aim of the Killgore Tactic - as a weapon of LGF - is to disrupt the mainstream Right's communities and to bring down the ire of professional antifa's against the people in them.

If Lightworker was a troll, he's more cunning than Killgore. I thought that Lightworker's points were cogent. But his tendency to rant off-topic is undeniable; and he may have been pushing the envelope as time went on. He should have started his own blog, like Whiskey did. Since he has not done this, that currently tags him as a troll.

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