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Monday, November 26, 2012

Coptic Martyr

Via Instapundit and Althouse: Nakoula "Sam Bacile" speaks.

There was a question way back when about whether Nakoula was legit; if he were an Ikhwan plant, producing an inflammatory video for the purpose of providing a pretext.

I didn't take sides on that. I did however defend Nakoula's tactic. I should have clarified my basic stance on Nakoula himself, though: I figured that Nakoula should be able to say what he wants, as long as what he said was true. And if Nakoula's movie is true, even if he intended it as a parody of "counter jihad" thought - Nakoula deserves to stay free.

How could we judge, anyway? I mean, it's not like the Internet is exactly lacking in sites which are strong on passion, strong even on the facts - but, tragically, short on style. Say the Blogmocrats "savage" and "Rodan" had collaborated on a movie. Would they have done any better? (Okay, I think that Rodan, at least, is a competent blogger; but I don't think he'd be up for directing a movie, just yet...)

I ask: exactly who is calling the Blogmocracy a shill for the Muslim Brotherhood?

Likewise, Nakoula isn't a shill for the Ikhwan, either. Nakoula is just an amateur who directed a bad movie. He is... one of us.

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