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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Conservatives on science

There was a post at Ace's about some hub-bub over at the planet Mars. A sock-puppet therein writes:

None of you troglodytes understand the scientific method. So, once again class, here it is:

Step one: We, scientists, of which you are not one, understand all there is to know about anything there is to know anything about.

Step two: We, scientists, of which you are not one, can assert the most ridiculous conclusions based on little or no actual evidence and you must believe every word without question.

Step three: You must give us all the money we want and never question what we do with it.

Step four: Return to step one.

Understand? Probably not; but, no one does except we, scientists, of which you are not one.

P.S. It goes without saying that anyone who questions anything we say about anything is merely a Bible thumping, in bred, hourly wage, Christmas tree decorating, bone head.

We can at least tell that this guy is a Protestant Christian, and a Biblical literalist; and, like so many like him, he aims for the cheap-seats by declaring himself the champion of all "those who decorate Christmas trees".

And note that this was not even an evolution thread. This is not even a thread that affects the Bible.

I am wondering if such screeds are even worth refuting anymore. The problem I am having is, that I have been dealing with Conservatives' distrust of science for decades-plural now. I know it as willful ignorance, complacency and tribalism. If I refuted it, only liberals would applaud. And the Cons would just circle the wagons again.

There's no point. Screw it. I will simply continue not to vote for Conservative-endorsed candidates. That works for me.

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