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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Civil War dead update

Lots of people died in the American Civil War. h/t Foseti yesterday. (Foseti later that day linked that democracies encourage the concept of "enemy civilians".)

I was initially skeptical of the study - because the NY Times' pre-eminent authority on the era, Eric Foner the Communist, has endorsed it. Even an amateur like me can tell how selectively Foner reported Reconstruction (also, here). But even Foner seems more sympathetic than he usually is: It helps you understand, particularly in the South with a much smaller population, what a devastating experience this was.

Note that even the new study "assumes" that there were no war-related deaths of white women. I am calling shenanigans on that one. Rape was "a product of the reconstruction period" and black Union troops were infamous for it very early on (as in, 1865). I very much doubt that Sherman's army refused to consider rape as a tool of civilian terror under battlefield conditions, despite what the Union's propaganda says.

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