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Saturday, November 03, 2012

"But Mitt Romney will be good for the economy"

Charles "Inside Job" Ferguson notes that Romney is bringing back the Bush team. Question for the GotV'ers - if Romney is such a great manager, how come he is doing that?

I am not one of those who sees Romney as a "plutocrat". I don't care about Romney's tax returns; I have long denounced the Sixteenth Amendment. I also recall that Ferguson's documentary was biased - and I had to spend more time on Google than I would have liked, digging up that review, since too many Krugmanites have publicly loved that documentary. I don't see Romney as much of anything, except a decent and non-boat-rocking sort. If Bush hadn't been such a disaster, Romney would be my choice to carry on the Reagan - Clinton - bizarro-Bush boom.

At the same time, the last thing Conservatives need is more "compassionate conservatism". That opens the door to grifters (and worse, my British cousins are finding out).

So the Romney Presidency will likely mean more housing subsidies, more illegal immigrant amnesty - to build those houses, more Section 8 and welfare to keep the masses happy. More, more, more deficits and debt. Some deregulation, but not enough and the DC bureaucrat class will continue to grow. This, truly, will be Bush's Third Term. [update: see also Jim's blog. I know, I already linked this below; but it's got more stuff in it, directly relevant to what Romneyism represents.]

Do Not Vote For Federal Candidates.

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