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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Andrew Cuomo, biopic by Ayn Rand

The governor of New York State is attacking the power companies. Evil corporations! They... provide stuff... except when they can't. While sitting in their corporate offices acting all... all corporationy!

Said governor could punish this corporation best by deregulating the power generation and transfer industries, to get Con Edison to compete.

But something tells me that Cuomo won't do that. It is just so much easier to enforce a monopoly on this industry, and to turn the screws on a whim for political gain.

UPDATE: Anna Puma: Cuomo was involved in the disaster of free gas. Hoo boy. I was wondering what Cuomo was doing when Bloomberg and Obama were preening around and not fixing the problems. Turns out that Cuomo was screwing things up. This has become a Katrina-level Charles F. Trot.

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