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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Alien Legacy reboot

There's this game I've been playing, off and on, since I got it for Christmas in 1993. It's called "Alien Legacy".

Some unfriendlies in some alpha Centauri homeworld decide they don't like the look of us. They strike; we leave. The game starts when you awaken on the bridge of the Calypso, a colony ship orbiting a cooler and moonless version of Earth, itself orbiting beta Caeli. Your job is to, er, survive.

Reboots are big these days. Recently there's been a remake of X-COM. Even Yahtzee over at the Escapist likes this - and Yahtzee's the gaming world's Mr Cranky, he hates almost everything.

So I was wondering about a reboot of Alien Legacy. I mean, the game's story is brilliant, but it's got some flaws. The geometry of sector exploration is wrong and so a Sin Against Mimesis. I don't know that the time / space lapses were entirely thought out. The star system itself seems to be wrong (for beta Caeli). Some of the tasks are repetitive. And all of that leaves aside the various bugs scurrying about.

But the story is brilliant.

My recommendation for a "reboot" would be a seedship sent to one of those newer systems - like Gliese 581 or 876. The ruins would be of another sentient race. Maybe some transmissions from Tantalus at beta Caeli could come through. The rest of the game would go pretty much the same.

So, not a direct remake of the original. A parallel thread based on the original's backstory, at another system.

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