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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why not sue National Review?

A professor at Paterno State University, the exonerated Michael Mann, has posted some questionable opinions concerning this planet's climate. Rand Simberg called shenanigans. So, Mann has sued Simberg's employer. At some point Mark Steyn at National Review quoted Simberg. So, Mann has sued National Review as well.

Hey, why not. National Review didn't stand up for John Derbyshire or Bob Weissberg. The Left figures that NR is run by bitches. Leftists have been itching for their moment to whittle away at NR's other more-outspoken commenters.

I personally doubt that Mann has a case against Steyn. But Mann might be able to get Steyn to disavow Simberg's words; as Steyn disavowed Derb's words. Wherever they can get Steyn to distance himself from his allies, this weakens Steyn's stature in the Right as an independent thinker and, by it, weakens the Right at large. And if enough Leftists run this "lawfare" against NR on Steyn's account, enough times; they know that NR will eventually decide it is not worth their bother, and will toss Steyn out the window.

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