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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Upload #66: snake-eyes

The Arthur-Jeffery-driven cleanup turned up a note of "Afrit" in sura 27. Afrit're Persian, noted Jeffery. So that note deserved a note, in the "Return of the Shah" project.

In the meanwhile I tracked down some footnotes in that project. The first version of said project was a placeholder - it was impressionistic, and more a guide to eighth century AD Persian opinion than on anything to do with the Qur'an. The project improved when I found Tabari's parallel and some Armenian records. But it was still not one of the best projects here. The modern scholarly article I really needed was Wladislaw Duleba's thesis of 1987... which didn't get published until 1995... and which I couldn't find. So I just kept the project up there, with the footnote lamely admitting "I think Duleba's book is relevant but I haven't read it", and slowly backed away.

Until now!

Best of all, (this time) I didn't have to repudiate the older versions; Duleba, it turns out, mainly confirms what I'd independently found. But he'd also read more of the Persian material, stuff I hadn't read, so there I could at least improve some of the leadup to my thesis.

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