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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Republicans are being rescued by their enemies

The first debate was a fair-and-square win by Romney. So it's uninteresting to me. (And anyway, I didn't watch it.)

More interesting are the two "second debates": the vice-presidential one between Ryan and Biden, and the town-hall between Romney and Obama. In each, the moderator was in it for the Democrats. In each, the Republican underwhelmed.

On this latest one, I at first agreed with Forbes: it was a nauseating spectacle by both parties, and it was effectively a draw.

At the time, I gave a narrow edge to Obama. I didn't like Romney's refusal to defend Arizona's immigration law (and to call out that audience plant for the anti-American activist she was). I thought that, in the context of the Second Amendment, the name-dropping of Fast-And-Furious was gratuitous and cheap. And then the moderator called out Romney on a lie he'd told about Benghazi . . .

Oh, wait. That would have been Obama's lie (h/t, giz from the Blogmocracy). Soon enough, the moderator said whoopsie.

This changes things. People will remember, or should remember, that here Obama failed and then he lied to cover it up; and that the media covered up for Obama.

And that changes everything. Now the stuff that Obama and the mediator delicately left on the table, that becomes part of the larger conversation about a news media turned Isvestiya.

And I can't help but think of the Biden / Ryan debate; in which a draw or tactical Biden win became a strategic Ryan win - all because of how Biden overreacted.

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