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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Obama riots

If Romney wins - as is likely - Obama's core constituency has promised to riot.

That link was from InfoWars, but - as with the Quincy quote below - the original author has gotten out of the way, and let the primary sources speak.

The only real question I have is what the local governments will do about the "protests". If they are really bad then the big money in this country won't tolerate it. Romney will promise a sharp response, and the chaos will be cut abruptly short.

But in this age of Remote Desktop and VOIP, and of general suburban flight . . . most of us are insulated from this in a way we weren't back in the 1960s. Or even 1990s.

So I am predicting "minor" flash-mob actions. Bad enough to rob and burn thousands, injure hundreds and kill a few dozen. Not bad enough that the Republicans will dare anything meaningful. Think LA 1992, or the MLK riots.

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