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Saturday, October 06, 2012

The neo-Manichees

On another note, some are seeing links with Ayn Rand in Romney's comments; maybe more so, with Ryan's, who puts the mooch-factor at a harder-to-dispute 30%.

I try not to cite Rand too much in here, since I haven't read much of her output, but it seems she is as close to a Gnostic prophet as we've seen since Mani. There are the Elect, who are collectively Atlas, granted not only the gift of Productivity but also the knowledge to understand their power. There are the commons. And then there are the Looters. Modern life is the struggle of the forces of Productivity against the forces of darkness.

Rand, like Mani, spun out a whole counter-Christian cult based on this gnostic dualism and on her own force of will.

I hear a lot about Rand from libertarian capitalists, at least I did before Moldbug called people like me and Foseti toward "the Dark Enlightenment". Now, Ryan and Romney are not libertarians; but they are pro-business and post-business respectively. So Randian thought has definitely been in the air they've been breathing.

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