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Sunday, October 07, 2012

The GOP won't run on the facts - why not?

Whilst we're on the topic, I see (h/t Vic @ ace) that two other Republican candidates have said offensive stuff. One says that the transAtlantic slave-trade turned out to be a blessing for blacks now in the New World. The other states that Islam is incompatible with America as it stands today, and suggests deportation for those Muslims who don't recant.

Both statements are, er, true; and moreover everyone knows they're true.

Which is why the GOP has ruled them "offensive" (rather than "false" or even "ignorant") and has disavowed the candidates. As to why the GOP even got involved: the usual cant answer we're supposed to entertain is "we can't turn off the moderates". It may be of interest to note that the state in question was Arkansas - not of interest for why the state produced these candidates, but of interest for how the established GOP even here can't endorse their views.

Which then brings up some more questions. The dark-enlightenment blogger / mens'-rights blogger Whiskey (who used to troll at Ace) asks, what's a moderate? where do moderates come from? why are they so powerful? Whiskey blames white women. (I've been meaning to write a review of this immense, meandering, and at points brilliant blog-post - for now, I'll just direct your attention to it.)

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