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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Emperor in the Star Wars movies

In the first released Star Wars movie, the Emperor exists to dissolve the Senate. The actual power in the Empire is wielded by those who have built the Death Star. There are also Sith Lords off to the side - Darth Vader is the Sith who has attached himself to the Death Star guys. But there is no explicit notion that the Emperor himself is a Sith. There is no real notion that the Emperor is anything other than the figurehead of the Imperial military.

In the second movie it is revealed that Darth Vader takes his orders from the Emperor. That is what reveals that the Emperor outranks Vader not just in the Imperial hierarchy - which Vader didn't care about in the first movie - but in the Sith hierarchy as well. The question is whether anyone else knows about this.

In that respect, the third movie kinda let the side down. Suddenly everyone knows that the Emperor matters and that the Emperor is more important than Vader.

It is possible that the Emperor came forth between eps 4 and 5, and revealed himself as a Sith Lord. But this was not done within the narrative. It was a hole in the plot.

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