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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Christian love of persecution and death

Roger Pearse: Let us praise God for the persecution of Christians. In this case, on campus.

First, I agree with Pearse that the universities are singling out these Christian groups for discriminatory treatment. I also agree that this is a (mild!) form of persecution. I even agree that this is State-directed, and so I won't quibble with the analogies to the Romans. I will concede all of this. I will even throw in, as part of the bargain, not to consider the objective secular merits of the Christian case.

I just need to point out that Pearse is behaving suicidally.

Seriously. Read this:

But if we look at it from the perspective of eternity, it looks very different.

God is allowing these hateful and malicious persons to reveal themselves. He is allowing them to target the real Christians on campus. And He is allowing them to say, thereby, “These are the real Christians, the ones whom the world hates. These are the ones who are despised, who won’t conform, who we fear and hate.” He is making the world proclaim the truth of the Gospel.

I said that I wouldn't take sides on the secular case. But Pearse needs to. There is no argument in Pearse's cry to Heaven, from the basis of any position a non-Christian can take, that these Christian groups are in the right. There is just hands-over-the-eyes, thumbs-in-the-ears assertion that Deo Vindice. Anyone outside this sect will look in, see that the sect is not even looking for allies outside that same God who didn't protect the Copts a millennium earlier, and will dismiss it.

If you don't seek allies, you won't get them.

But hey, keep doing what you're doing. In the meantime, the world will move on; and Pearse and Pearse's will take their place as dhimmis in this new world order. In the end, at this rate, there will be no Christians; God will judge the remainder, and if Christianity is "true" then God will decide that no-one shall be saved.

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