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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A cruise ship captained by one monsignor Schettino crashed some months back. It is, further, known that the captain was at the time a womaniser. But it’s turning out that, once Schettino understood what was going to happen, he made sure to save the lives of everyone on board. The Italians are now taking this to court; the case is going over whether Schettino’s negligence caused the initial crash. h/t, TakiMag.

I wonder if the new Denzel Washington vehicle Flight was based on this case. The trailers to “Flight” make clear both that the captain was a drunkard and that the captain saved the passengers. They are leaving open whether the captain endangered the flight in the first place. (Also see: Jew Among You.)

When this Schettino case started, I'd posted a parody at Ace's... I really should have used my own bandwidth for that. It is possible that I might have to eat my words.

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