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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Same as it ever was

Romney and Obama agree on something! They both want to get involved in Syria against Assad.

This intervention, if implemented, will benefit the Muslim Brotherhood and, as byproduct, al-Qaeda. The only geopolitical argument I can see from the Western interest, is to turn the screws on regional Shi`ism, and maybe weaken Iran enough so that they won't block the Hormuz.

I doubt that this ploy will help us Occidentals. Iran is a large nation with an intelligent population and many natural resources, not to mention an alliance with Russia. If the Sunnis get what they want in Syria, they will export their armed extremist Sunnis over to Saudi-controlled Arabia... and again, Hormuz comes under threat. Either way the Muslims of one side will hate us if we side with the other Muslims; and the Muslims of the side we side with will feel the need to "prove" they are not on the side of the West.

The best plan is to stay the hell out of Arab territory, and to let the jihadis on both sides slug it out. If the Russians want the mess, they are welcome to it.

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