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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Romney's retraction

Ace points out that Mitt / Willard Romney has retracted the 47%-moocher comment.

What I noted yesterday was a web ad of three people - coincidentally all of European stock. The first was an elderly man. The next was a woman. The third was a younger man in a hard hat. Below: 47%, "my job is not to care about these people" with Romney grinning in a manner which the ad meant so to show the candidate's true self: smug, callous, and maybe even sadistic.

It's aimed right at the white working class. I can see Pennsylvanians and Floridians falling for it.

That's why Romney had to "admit" that the comment was a gaaaffe.

The only way I can see it was a wrong thing to say, is that there may be some who voted Obama in 2008 who did it for honest reasons, and not because they wanted to mooch. I just don't know if I buy that.

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