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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Romney the Alawite

The Constitutional order of the USA is faced with at least two existential questions. One question is "equality" and the other is "freedom". I call these "questions" because, despite claims to being "self-evident", these axioms cannot be assumed. It takes a religious faith to assume them.

Specifically, it takes literalist Christian faith. America is, like it or not (I don't) a Protestant nation. All our "culture-wars" are over whether we are Evangelical (Yankee) or Fundamentalist (Dixie).

Mitt Romney belongs to the Latter Day Saints. As such he follows a heresy. He is like an Alawite proposing to rule Syria.

If America were isolated (like under Adams), or strong enough (Eisenhower), the USA could get away with a Unitarian or a Jehovah's-Witness type in charge.

But where we are faced with a threat from some other post-Christian heresy, a Romney government will not be able to argue that this heresy is false.

At least, not in office. Out of office is a different story: cf., John Quincy Adams. (Ignore the nature of this Fundamentalist site; this particular article gets out of JQA's way and lets the man talk.)

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