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Friday, October 19, 2012

RamZPaul: hero of the alt-right, and antiSemite

I rummaged around American Renaissance's posts today, and I got introduced to one "RamZPaul". RamZPaul has posted a "declaration of independence" out on youtube. I ain't linking it. I'll just note that RamZPaul was jumping on the bandwagon of the Youth of France.

RamZPaul excoriated the strawman of "having our young men die and bleed for alien powers". I am of the Dark Enlightenment myself; I have some familiarity with this particular dog-whistle. I checked out the guy's blog, to see if my suspicions were correct. It didn't take long; on 15 September, RamZPaul linked to The Crucifixion of "Yeshu". RamZPaul wanted us to see this as PROOF that the Jews, um, Zionists hate Christians and that the West should, as a result, allow the Muslims to have their way with Israel.

This "Yeshu" clip derives from an Israeli parody show, "Toffee And The Gorilla". I can verify that the hostess is speaking Hebrew and that the accent is much like I recall of the majority accent of the Israeli middle class in Tel Aviv. (I have not been north of there.) I've also rooted around and got a general feel of this show, here. "Toffee" is a Jewish "Meet the Feebles", spun out into a regular show on - I suspect - public-access.

"Yeshu" is an "homage" to the Hamas stuff, wherein cute puppets preach hatred of Jews. It is illustrating how that shit would work if the Jews did preach hatred of Christianity and mockery of Jesus. I hear that the show is also mocking ultra-Orthodox Jewish videos, which attack Jewish assimilation - excepting that the ultra-Orthodox actually don't mock Christ (they just see him as a failed messiah like Shabtai Svi and Bar Kochba).

Above all, that youtube vid is not representative of Israeli television. It is not even representative of the hostess's opinion; any more than Peter Jackson loves him some sodomy. The bikini alone should have tipped you off.

RamZPaul knows this. He was schooled on it in that very 15 September post.

RamZPaul misrepresented this video on purpose. And, no, he doesn't get to claim that his allowance of contrary comments makes it all better. He still thinks that our engagements abroad are because of JOO JOO JOO.

Whites need a movement that sides with the Israelis and the Boers together. We don't need antiSemites like RamZPaul -

- or, maybe Whites do. In which case, the liberals are right, and Whites do require lies and violence to keep ourselves alive, and we really are an inherently evil race. I hope that is not true.

[9:06 PM - ooh lookie, the version of this comment I posted at AmRen got moderated out.]

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