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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn is a fascist / national-socialist party in Greece. It's already being mentioned around the Dark Enlightment blogs, for instance at Deconstructing Leftism.

Lebanon has a party like that too. It's called "Hizbu'llah".

A party like this isn't an association of like-minded political wonks. A party like this does everything for you: it does social services, it does weekend retreats, it freakin' gets you a date.

This model hasn't worked so well for the British National Party or other outfits like that in the West. But that's only because the State and the party of the State (the Democrats, in the US) can afford to provide most of these services with taxpayer cash. (And if you want a date, hell; the State is paying for all those Sandra Flukes about.)

Greece is different. Greece no longer has ready access to cash. In Greece the State - local / EU - has essentially collapsed. Greece is now Lebanon.

The State is weak; the religions are penniless. All that is left are the partisans.

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